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Beautiful 1950’s Inspired Dresses by UK designer Candy Anthony

Candy Anthony Wedding Dresses at the Oxo Tower, London

1950s wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular, but why is this? The answer is simple. More and more people are now starting to appreciate the older sense of style. Fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy have really made an impact on the fashion world as we know it, and so the 1950s style continues to live on in today’s industry. Candy Anthony, have been in operation since 2004 and we have a wide range of short wedding dress designs, 50’s wedding dress designs, 60s wedding gown designs and so much more. Candy Anthony started off by creating designs that were suitable for the mother of the bride and the new bride to be, but now we have expanded our range so you can now get any dress that you need, for any occasion that you want. We have dresses available in pink, cream, ivory and even grey, not to mention that we also have midnight blue, aqua and even teal available as well, so if you want a wedding dress that has been inspired by your favourite 50’s style then you know that you can trust in us to get it done to an incredibly high standard.

Wedding dress

Candy Anthony also understand that sometimes your wedding has a theme, and that you want to make sure that your dress matches in with this theme perfectly. That is why our dresses have plenty of colour options for you to choose from, and you will also find that you can choose from bare, necklines and sweet hearted design options as well.Candy Anthony also have plenty of handmade silk roses as well, so if you want to add a little flare to your dress, you can count onCandy Anthony to make it happen. You don’t just need to count on them to design your dress however, because they can also design frocks and shoes as well. These are all handcrafted by us and we believe that we have a perfect match for every gown and every bride. You will also find that our range is made to order as well.

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All of the designs made by Candy Anthony are handmade in Britain and they are all available from their store in central London but you’ll need to make an appointment with us first. This way they can meet with you on a one to one basis to fully understand your needs. Their dresses are created by both Candy Anthony and Alex di Silvestro, and they were the very first ones in the industry to launch a fun and interesting range of tea length and bridal gowns. All of the gowns that they have launched are completely original and they don’t produce retro clothing either. Instead, they focus on creating wearable designs that reflect those created in the 1950’s, as well as making sure that they are made to fit with flattery in mind. Most of the dresses have a seductive neck and hemlines that are made out of the finest fabrics, so if you are going for the 1950’s theme at your wedding or if you simply love the style that was present back in the day, you know you can count on Candy Anthony

Candy Anthony also try to use UK materials wherever possible in all of their 1950’s wedding gown designs and 60s vintage bridal dress alternatives. This means that they can give customers a great selection when it comes to materials and it also enables them to include traditional 50’s designs as well so you can expect nothing less when you put their talented designers to the task. Many of their vintage wedding dresses also include Nottingham Lace and various other traditional materials, so why not take a look at their signature checks and prints to find out more. Alternatively, Visit their beautiful website to see what they can do for you. You may or may not know, but all of their visitations are by appointment only, and this means that they can give you our full and undivided attention at all times, while also making sure that you are always first on their priority list. Candy Anthony’s 1950’s style wedding dresses have proven to be very popular with their existing customers and they have had nothing but satisfaction in the past, so they are confident that they can meet your requirements.  They have helped plenty of women to find their ideal 1960’s wedding dress and they have also helped many bridesmaids find the right 50’s style dress as well, so if you are planning a 50’s style wedding, you know you can trust Candy Anthony to deliver the result that you need.

Candy Anthony custom dresses are very affordable and they always make sure that they meet your budget requirements in any way what we can so why not give Candy Anthony a call today on +44 020 7803 0898

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